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Creating a school climate principled upon student growth—intellectual, moral, social and emotional—is the focus of many school House Systems. Providing students an educational experience designed not only to challenge but also to engage and to inspire is the vision of many school House Systems.

The House System institute seeks to bring together educators interested in implementing, developing, or improving a school house system through conversation, presentation, and collaboration. Hosted by Chaminade College Preparatory School in St. Louis, Missouri, the House System Institute offers a symposium for educators interested in the use of a House System to achieve the goals and mission of their school communities.

Many schools are implementing House Systems to engage the challenges faced by educators preparing students for success both academically and personally. Working to merge the binaries of intellect and empathy, of a student’s personal needs and their personal growth, the goals of many House Systems is to challenge students to grow individually by thinking collaboratively. House Systems often work to provide not only several forms of care and support for individual students but also hope to offer all students leadership opportunities, both within their school and the broader community. Whether through service, collaborative activity, or competition, House Systems are working to build schools with cultures of kindness, belonging, and genuine community, schools better equipped to educate a student’s whole person—a person who learns, who leads, who serves.

Please consider joining the conversation on the implementation, the development, or the improvement of a school house system. Register today and become a part of the House System Institute.