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The House System Virtual Symposium seeks to bring together educators interested in implementing, developing, or improving a school House System through conversation, presentation, and collaboration. Hosted by O’Dea High School in Seattle, the 2020 House System Virtual Symposium is for educators interested in advancing a House System to achieve the goals and mission of their school communities. Fostering a school climate principled upon student growth—intellectual, moral, social and emotional—is the focus of a House Systems.

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Virtual Conference in Microsoft Teams On June 17th all registrants will be added to the Virtual Symposium’s Microsoft Team. Attendees will be added using the email provided when registering. O’Dea’s House Team will have a few activities to engage in to ensure each attendee has access to the Team. Instructions on how to access and navigate Microsoft Teams will be provided in an email on June 17th. Please consider joining the conversation on the implementation, the development, or the improvement of a school House System. Register today and become a part of the House System Institute.